Please Note:
The pliers used in these photos should not be used!
I used them so that I could get this web page finished quickly!
I will be retaking these photos using the correct
round nose pliers in the future.
#1 Hold Rock Wrap in one hand and bend up bottom circle.
#2 Place rock or object into bottom circle. Bend bottom circle up and around object.
#3 Snug bottom circle around rock or object.
#4 Bend top circle down and around top of rock or object.
#5 Snug top circle around rock or object
#6 With a round nose or needle nose pliers, twist a small  loop or loops into the top and bottom circles.
The loop should look like this or tighter.
#7 Use the pliers to push the top and bottom circles against rock or object.
#8 Tighten loops to completely tighten Rock Wrap on to rock or object.
The stone is wrapped in about 30 seconds or less!
#9 Turn the bail 90 degrees.
This will make it so that the new pendant will hang correctly on a chain.
#10 Admire your new pendant!!!
Even Cabocons Can Be Rock Wrapped In Seconds!
After 02-14-05
Before 02-09-05
After 02-09-05
All New Rock Wraps
You can wrap anything:
Calibrated Cabochons, Nuggets, Crystal and Coral Clusters,
Individual Crystal Points, Shells, Any Tumbled Stone,
Rough Rock Pieces and Chips, Almost Any Object and even Marbles!

They are all you need to turn any rock or stone into a pendant is a
round nose needle nose pliers!

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