Another Example of How to Use a Rock Wrap
Please Note:
The pliers used in these photos should not be used! I used them so that I could get this web page finished quickly! I will be retaking these photos using the correct round nose pliers in the future.
#1 Hold Rock Wrap in one hand and bend up bottom circle.
#2 Place rock or object into bottom circle. Bend bottom circle up and around object. 
#3 Snug bottom circle around rock or object.
#4 Bend top circle down and around top of rock or object.
#5 Snug top circle around rock or object
#6 With a round nose or needle nose pliers, twist a small  loop or loops into the top and bottom circles.
The loop should look like this or tighter.
#7 Use the pliers to push the top and bottom circles against rock or object. 
#8 Tighten loops to completely tighten Rock Wrap on to rock or object.
The stone is wrapped in about 30 seconds or less!
#9 Turn the bail 90 degrees.
This will make it so that the new pendant will hang correctly on a chain.
#10 Admire your new pendant!!!
Even Cabocons Can Be Rock Wrapped In Seconds!
After 02-14-05
Before 02-09-05
After 02-09-05
How To Use Rock Wraps
You can wrap anything: 
Calibrated CabochonsNuggetsCrystal and Coral ClustersIndividual Crystal PointsSea Shells, Any Tumbled Stone,Rough Rock Pieces and Chips, Almost Any Object and even Marbles!

They are all you need to turn any object into a pendant is around nose needle nose pliers!

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Just follow the steps below!
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Any thickness and any size, suitable for a pendant or earrings!
Rock Wraps are great for Sea Glass
#1 Place rock or object on to the Rock Wrap. Check the size to make sure that both the top and bottom circles can come up and around the object to be wrapped.
All you need is a standard round nose pliers.
You do not want to use a chain nose pliers as they could cut the wire.
#2 Place your sea glass, sea shell, cabochon, tumbled stone, or, whatever you wish to make into a pendant, onto the Rock Wrap. From this point on, we will call the object the “stone”.
#3 Bend top circle down and around top of the stone. Bend it up to a 90 degree angle to the top of your stone.
#4 Bend the bottom circle up around the bottom of the stone. If your stone has a corner, you may want to use it to bend the Rock Wrap up and over the corner.
#5 Place the tip of the round plier onto one of the circle wires at a 90 degree angle to the stone. This is the most important rule to remember. 
Do not put the plier at an angle to the wire. This will just bend up the wire and ruin it and the look of your pendant.
​# 6 After placing your plier on the wire correctly, rotate the plier by rotating your wrist. Keep the wire down on stone as you twist. We call this a wave twist. You may make the twist in either direction. There is no “right” or “wrong’. You may even want to put two or three wave twists on each wire. You can create the look that you want.
This is the correct 90 degree angle to the stone. 
#7 Use the side of the pliers to push the wire tight against the stone then tighten the wave twist to tighten the wire around the stone. Repeat this on the other circle and your stone is secure and will never come out.
#8 If necessary to tighten the Rock Wrap even tighter onto your stone, turn the stone over and put wave twists on all the wires.
#9 Place your pliers onto the small round circle at the end of the wire. This is the bail. It needs to be turned at 90 degrees to the stone so that the pendant will hang correctly, straight down on the chain.
#10 Admire your new pendant!!! If you like more design on your piece, use the next size larger Rock Wrap and make more wave twists in each wire. Keep in mind that Rock Wraps were invented to wrap stones, so that the wire does not cover up the stone so that the stone is your focal point. Let the stone be the star, let it shine!
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