Calibrated Cabochons
You can wrap anything: 
Calibrated CabochonsNuggetsCrystal and Coral Clusters,
 Individual Crystal PointsShells, Any Tumbled Stone,
Rough Rock Pieces and ChipsAlmost Any Object and even Marbles

A calibrated cabochons can be wrapped using a Rock Wrap and I found that some to the cabs that I have purchased in the past, some in bulk, are just not worth building a bezel around and soldering into a piece. My Rock Wraps are the sure thing to turning these grade B stones into pure profit!
Don Norris
It is all you need to turn any rock or stone into a pendant is a round nose needle nose pliers!

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Calibrated CabochonsNuggetsand Coral, Crystal ClustersIndividual Crystal PointsSea Shells, 
Any Tumbled StonesRough Rock Pieces and Chips, Almost Any Object and even Marbles!

They are all you need to turn any rock or stone into a pendant is around nose needle nose pliers!

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Samples of What Rock Wraps Can Wrap
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