There are five sizes to choose from!

Size RW3 and RW4 are made with 20 gauge Sterling Silver Wire.

Sizes RW5, RW 6, RW7 are made with 18 gauge sterling silver wire.
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Introductory Offer!

Easy To Use
The Bracelet Rock Wrap
has two rings, one on each end of the Wrap. All you have to do is wrap your stone, then connect them with  jump rings. Add the toggle of your choice, and your bracelet is finished and ready to sell!
Bracelet Rock Wraps
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Rock Wraps
You can wrap anything: 
Calibrated CabochonsNuggetsCrystal and Coral ClustersIndividual Crystal PointsSea Shells, Any Tumbled Stone,Rough Rock Pieces and Chips, Almost Any Object and even Marbles!

They are all you need to turn any object into a pendant is around nose needle nose pliers!
Wrap your Sea Glass into professional jewelry in 30 seconds!
You can wrap any piece of your sea glass and make it into a beautiful pendant in less than a minute with my Rock Wraps. As you know, not all pieces are worthy of spending your time to wrap or bezel set them. Your time involved just doesn’t make wrapping them profitable enough. My Sterling Silver Rock Wraps will make all your sea glass very profitable and easy to sell as they save you time. They are very cost effective too. The average cost to use a Rock Wrap is less than $5.00, depending on the size. Please see the sizes, cost for each and a special offer below.

Hello, I am Don Norris, well known Silversmith, author and teacher. I have taught Silversmithing in all 50 United States and have written some of the best selling books on Silversmithing and jewelry making. I invented the Rock Wrap over 20 years ago and have sold thousands of them over the years with little advertising. I now would like to offer them to you at some special prices. I hand make and solder each one, using hard silver solder. Please take a moment to see how they can work for you and your upcoming shows when everything opens up again. I am hoping they can help you with your online sales too.
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