Samples of What Rock Wraps Can Wrap
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After 02-09-05
Gold Nuggets, Copper Nuggets and almost any kind or any size of nuggets can be made into a simple elegant pendant in about 15 seconds!

"Nuggets were one of the items that I was thinking of when I began working on a simple way to make pendants by wrapping them. Nuggets are always difficult to plan jewelry around. Usually I do not want to solder them into place. I do not like gluing them in place. I believe that most rock wrappers over wrap them and hide what makes a nugget unique. The Rock Wrap will hold them securely with out covering them up, and yet add a little simple elegant design to the piece that will compliment the nugget look."
Don Norris
Calibrated CabochonsNuggetsand Coral, Crystal ClustersIndividual Crystal PointsSea Shells, 
Any Tumbled StonesRough Rock Pieces and Chips, Almost Any Object and even Marbles!

They are all you need to turn any rock or stone into a pendant is around nose needle nose pliers!

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