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Individual Crystals!
Individual crystals can be made into a simple elegant pendant or can be used as "beads" for string, in about 15 seconds!

"Several years ago I could not pass up  deal on some of the best quartz jewelry points that I had seen for years. Soooo, I ended up with over 2000 crystal points that I really do not need. I do have many molds that I made to hold quartz crystals. I just do not feel like casting hundreds dragons, wizards, fairies, and other metaphysical jewelry right now. I have wrapped several crystals already and sold them for only $10.00 to $20.00, with a 20 inch chain. My profit? The crystal cost me $1.00, the chain $2.50, the Rock Wrap cost $3.00 (Yes, I pay myself for the Rock Wrap!)", and the box is $0.50. So my total cost is $6.00. At $10.00 my profit is only $3.00 to $13.00 but it only took me 30 seconds to make!
Don Norris
Calibrated Cabochons, Nuggets, Crystal and Coral Clusters, Individual Crystal Points, Shells, Any Tumbled Stone,
Rough Rock Pieces and Chips, Almost Any Object and even Marbles!

They are all you need to turn any rock or stone into a pendant is around nose needle nose pliers!

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